Hey Mountain, Move!


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you in the Sweet and Sacred name of Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Mountains are marvelous places to behold the beauty of God's creation. Whether they are rigid and snowcapped stretching high into the heavens or simply smoothly rolling through the country side, mountains bring such a sense of peace and tranquility.

Unless of course you speak of the mountain moments of life we may face in the space of our living. The mountains of life we face may be: divorce, depression or despair; discrimination, debt or disease; injury, injustice or insecurity. The mountain moments of life can be either exhilarating if you are looking down from the top or have the means to climb from the bottom. Or they can be exhausting when they are used to bring about isolation and inability to live.

One of the greatest gifts God gives to humanity is the gift of faith, to believe the impossible is possible and the undoable is in truth doable. Jesus invites us to have faith to tell the mountains of immobility to "Get up, pack up your stuff and scram." Move those external barricades and barriers which separate us from our future and from one another. "Mountain, Be Gone!"

Except for one other caveat the writer of Mark's gospel tags onto the end of this promise- before you tackle the mountain before you, you must take on the mountain within you. The mountain of hurt, anger and pain; the mountain of guilt, shame and fear you played a role in cultivating. It is mighty difficult to move up or remove a mountain if you are carrying a mountain in you.

Which is the reason Jesus mentions the necessity for forgiveness. It is impossible to move into a hopeful future if you are still carrying the weight of a hurtful past. There was a time when I believed forgiving people who hurt me, and some hurt me intentionally, was for solely for their benefit and blessing until I realized me forgiving others first set me free to live and to be.

Take the time, over and over through prayer as a way to forgive. Forgive those who wronged you unintentionally. Forgive those who wronged you intentionally. Forgive those who ask. Forgive those who don't ask. When we forgive it does not mean the relationship is restored to its original state; it profoundly means you have released the hurt and pain the person has brought you.

Say it with me, "Hey, Mountain Move!" Live your life fully and freely in


Love, Pastor G

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