Courage vs. Cowardice

Mark 11: 11 Then Jesus entered Jerusalem and went into the temple; and when he had looked around at everything, as it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the twelve.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Peace, love and grace rest upon and within you this blessed morning.

I must confess again, I am an unabashed and unashamed follower of Jesus Christ. I say this not to appear better than anyone else or claim a moral high ground over those who may not. I simply have had my entire life changed through my relationship with Jesus Vis a Vis the Sacred Spirit of Christ.

One of the greatest aspects of the Lord I love so dear is the level of courage he demonstrated throughout his life. Jesus had the uncanny ability to speak truth in love and stay true to himself wherever the situation or circumstance.

Case in point, this coming Sunday Christians throughout the world will be celebrating Palm Sunday, the day Jesus and his crew rode into the city of Jerusalem. Throughout the gospels we're told Jesus had prepared his disciples once he arrives in Jerusalem, he will be arrested, jailed, beaten, die and after three days rise again. Now the time for his departing flight has arrived and Jesus actually goes through with it. Ride on King Jesus, no man can hinder me!

Do you know how many times I wished I had stood for what I believed in? I wish I had spoken my convictions or offered a different aspect to an argument but instead chose the path of least resistance. Do you know how often those of us in "the church" choose to just be nice and not challenge friends or family to move beyond bigoted beliefs or close minded views? We go along so we can get along, but absent from our midst is love. Love speaks truth; love can handle truth. Share your truth as others share theirs even if yours is in opposition to theirs.

Take a lead from Jesus. When you face your Jerusalem moments don't be so quick to follow a path of fear and react so we can all 'play nice.' Instead, take a chill pill, breathe, and call on the Sacred Spirit of Jesus to grace your thoughts and guide your words and share.

It is far better to stand with a spine of steel then of silly putty! With the courage of faith you will stand; with the cowardice of fear you will fall.

Love, Pastor G

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