Can I Get a Witness

Acts 1:8 - But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Peace, grace and love to you in Jesus name.

Some years ago, while my car was parked in front of the congregation I was serving in Detroit, there was a knock on the church's side door. When I opened it, there was standing a group of 4 young men who I knew quite well from the community. "Pastor, somebody hit your car," were the words I was greeted by. The young men went on to tell me about a car/truck that was driving down the street on the same side I was parked, which lost control, slammed into my car and then kept on going. My car sustained heavy damage to the rear bumper and back driver side door.

What was amazing, was each of them had a different account as to exactly what happened. "It was a blue car," shared one young man. "No, it was a black car," said his friend. One of the guys reported it was red. "No, you're all wrong. It was a truck," the other vehemently declared. One incident to report - four different scenarios involved. A single outcome, my car was hit, four ways the outcome unfolded.

You ever notice how we all may see the same thing but we remember and recount it differently. With our eyes we view it but through our minds we process and remember it in our own ways.

So it is with life, when we experience life and go through our day to day. We each witness the phenomenon of life unfolding around us hour by hour, from the rising of the sun until the going down of the same. There are sights, sounds, smells and our senses are a buzz. For some they will experience the day and it was just another day; another period of time ticking away.

Yet, for others it was marvelous, miraculous and mysterious. It was spectacular to see the sun break the horizon, the birds begin to sing, flowers warmed by the sun's rays, the cold breeze blowing across your face. It is a day the Lord has made!

We are to be witnesses of God's unfolding grace and love. We witness not just by what we see but how we interpret what we see and how we live out what we see. Living every day to its fullest potential and grateful for all God has done.

To this day I still do not know all the details of who hit my car. I don' know if the car was blue, black, red or even if it was a car. One thing I do know - my car was hit! And as for today, I don't know all the details of what your day has been. Good. Bad. Or indifferent. One thing I do know- This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Witness God's grace and be a witness to God's grace.

Love, Pastor G

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