When You Pray

Matthew 6: 5 (Jesus said) 5 "And whenever you pray......."

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Grace, peace and love to you in Jesus name.

So, there is a basic assumption Jesus makes for those who claim to follow him. (Yes, I am fully aware of what potentially happens when we assume (ass/u/me) anything). Yet, Jesus goes ahead and assumes there is an integral part of the walk of discipleship when we follow God- we will pray! We will spend time in conversation with the sacred by listening and talking; giving and receiving through dialogue.

Every relationship is predicated on communication, the better the lines of communication the healthier the relationship. The same for our walk and talk with our Creator and Provider.

So here are some characteristics I have learned over the years to lead to a healthy prayer life:

  1. Create a space for prayer. Calendars clutter quickly and schedules fill up rapidly. Pencil, or better yet, pen in prayer time. Early morning, midday, late evening. Place time for you and God in your schedule and DON'T break it.

  2. Clear a place for prayer. In your bedroom. Office. Garden. Park. Porch. Designate a prayer place and acknowledge God's presence there.

  3. Turn off your phone. (Really, what's more important than taking to God? They'll be waiting on you when you finish.) Limit distractions to notice the divine.

  4. Speak from the heart. God is not impressed with flowery imagery or quoted scripture. Just speak from the deepest depths of your soul. Open and reveal yourself. Confess your sins. Name your addiction. Be YOU!

  5. Listen with the heart. Take time to just breathe. Feel the air flowing through your lungs and with each breath know the presence of God. God speaks, are we listening?

  6. Journal. Write about the thoughts you shared and the words you heard. Use it for your own spiritual journey. It is always amazing, to witness over time prayers said years ago being fulfilled in the here and now.

Whatever you do, please take time to commune with God through the gift of prayer. Pray for you. Pray for me. Pray for family. Pray for enemies. Pray for the world and in those prayers witness the Spirit of God at work.

Mark of Discipleship #1: Pray Daily

Love, Pastor G

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