The Greatest of these is Love

December 18, 2016



1 Corinthians 13: 13 And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.





Dear Brothers and Sisters,


May your lives be filled with the presence of hope, peace, joy and love as we get closer to Christmas Day. 


Throughout the weeks of Advent, we have focused on the gifts of God provided through the work of the Holy Spirit.  We have discussed the first three to invite and cultivate in our lives- Hope, Peace and Joy.  For the fourth and final week of Advent, we will speak about the greatest of them all - Love!


In many ways, love is comparable to joy in that it is not tied to an emotion or feeling; remember we can lack happiness but still be filled with joy.  Similarly, I can demonstrate love for a person who personally I do not "like."  Love is not a feeling; love is an action or a way of life.  For this reason demonstrating and walking in true love is not an easy path but it is a life giving path to follow.


It is because of love we at Journey of Faith are so bold in proclaiming we are a congregation who invites everyone - No Exceptions.  Yes we boldly proclaim we invite any who may identify as black, white or brown; Asian, Arabic, African, Latino, Hispanic, Indian or European; gay, straight, bi-sexual or transgender; male or female; Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party or Democrat; Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Agnostic, Atheist and any other way of identifying oneself because above and beneath it all we are ALL God's children, created in the Imago Dei - Image of God.


We begin with a love for the Creator who turns our love outside for the love of one another.  We love all people just for the sake of our shared humanity because it is in the loving of others where we grow in our love for ourselves.


Let love fill your hearts, minds and souls in these few days before Christmas and the many more afterward.


Love, Pastor G   

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