Everybody Counts

Psalm 90 12 So teach us to count our days

that we may gain a wise heart.

13 Turn, O Lord! How long? Have compassion on your servants! 14 Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Let us refuse to move into the moments of tomorrow with fear and dread but instead we walk forward in hope and love.

While 2016 was filled with many struggles and loses, it was also filled with celebrations and victories. Personally, the last day of the year was a blessed occasion as I became an uncle once again. Fletcher Pearce Scott was born into the world and as of the writing of this devotional he is 5 days old. That's right, he is 5 days old.

Isn't amazing to think at one time we counted our lives in daily increments. At his age, days have such significance. But guess what - they have great significance for us as well.

What if we counted our lives by days and not years? What if we truly valued every 24 hour period? Myself, I am 16,960 days old. How about you? Let us learn to live without the regrets of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow but just live thankful for right now!

Imagine if every morning when you woke up, you had $1,440 deposited in a bank account. The money would be there at the start of each day but any dollar not spent in 24 hours is taken never to be returned. Well each day holds 1,440 minutes within it. Minutes we can spend as we wish- spend with family and friends, reading, praying, laughing, serving, resting, exercising, laughing, encouraging, complimenting, reassuring, working, praising, thanking, fishing, bowling, travelling. Live it now because it is gone tomorrow.

Yes, Lord, teach us to not simply count our days but to make each day count. Forever thankful and grateful for all the days you have made.

Love, Pastor G

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