Who Are You?

January 9, 2017


John 1: 22 Then they said to (John the Baptist), "Who are you? Let us have an answer for those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?"






May the love and grace of God fill your life and may the Holy Spirit guide and direct your path.


So, how do you respond to the question - Who are you?  Not what do you do? Or who do other people say you are? Or what do you want for people to think about you? But- WHO ARE YOU?


Often enough, many people confuse who they are with what they do or the roles they fill.  Who are you? Oh, I'm a nurse. I'm a teacher. I'm a truck driver. I'm a mentor. I'm a mother. I'm a spouse. I'm a father.  I'm an athlete. I'm a Ravens fan. 

But many of the roles and responsibilities change over time and what we once did may no longer be the case or the dynamics have changed so drastically.   Changes through losses, gains, aging, parenting, marriages.  When the sudden or seismic changes come to our lives, we can suffer a loss of just who we are.


Which is the reason I love John's response to the question. John is crystal clear he is the messenger and not the messiah; he is the one who 'must decrease, so Christ can increase.' John defined his whole identity upon his relationship to Christ.


See many things in life come and go. Situations and circumstances go through constant and steady change but the one truth about our identity which has been sealed forever is I am a child of God.  We have all been made right with God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Glory alleluia!  Child of God is an identity which goes with us from first breath to last breath; from sun rise to sun set. 


Who are you, you may be asked?  A child of God is always certain and true.


Love, Pastor G

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