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Relationships are key to building the body of Christ.  As we are on the journey to build our relationship with God, we also recognize the importance in building relationships with one another. 


Discipleship Groups

Based off the small group model, our Discipleships groups is the key to helping building relationship with one another. 

Discipleship Groups allows  intentional time for us to CONNECT with one another, GROW in Christ, DEVELOP our spiritual gifts, SHARE with one another and SURRENDER of ourselves.

Bible Study (1).png

Bible Study

Bible study allows us to gather collectively to get a better understanding of God's Word and apply it to our faith journey. Questions often asked about the bible include:

  • What is the meaning behind this passage?

  • How does this apply to my life?

  • What context was this passage is written in?

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Children, Youth & Family 

At JOF, we believe that the children and youth are an essential part of our congregation. We officer a variety of activities to endure their faith growth and development.  From the Sunday morning JAM to Friday Faith Nights we want our children and youth to connect with one another while on their Faith Journey. Learn more about our Children and Youth Ministry. Read More....


Prayer, Scripture & Meditation

Join us on Facebook on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00 pm for a time of prayer, scripture and meditation.  Allow this time to be an intentional Faith break throughout the week the  as Pastor leads us with a meditation from scripture. 

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