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At Journey of Faith, we are Christians who….


  1. Strive to be followers of Jesus in our daily living by lifting up a model of discipleship. 

  2. Seek community which honors ALL of our God created humanity, including, but not limited to:
    * Younger and older generations; youth and seniors.
    * People of all colors, cultures and creeds.
    * Women, men and transgender.  
    * Gay, straight and bi-sexual.
    * All economic classes and abilities.


  3. Find grace in the search for understanding and believe there is more value in questioning that in absolutes.

  4. Strive for peace, share acts of charity and perform works for justice in the world.

  5. Strive to protect and restore the integrity of our Earth.

  6. Are challenged to take of our masks and be authentically ourselves.


 As disciples of Jesus Christ, we strive to:

      * Pray Daily

      * Worship weekly

      * Read the Bible daily

      * Work for Peace and Justice

      * Serve at Journey and Beyond

      * Be generous in giving



Journey of Faith begin in 2014 combining the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregations of St. James and St. Paul. 


Led by interim pastors, Rev. Laura Ingersol and Rev. Jerrett Hansen, the combined churches began to embrace its new identity as they spent time in prayer and discernment on how they would function as a body of Christ. Deciding on the name Harmony, they strove to be a multi-cultural ministry welcoming all God's children. With its new identity and new name, something was still missing.

After much prayer, it was decided that Harmony was not the name for this ministry going forward.  In 2015 the name was changed to Journey of Faith Church. Rev. Ingersol and Rev. Hanson continued to lead and help develop the ministry as we begin to search for a new pastor.

In May 2016, Journey of Faith called Rev. Patrick Gahagen from Detroit, Michigan to serve as our Pastor. Rev. Gahagen leads with the gifts of preacher and teacher. Rev. Gahagen joined us along with his wife Michelle, two children, Zaniah and Zachary. We are excited to be on this Journey as we continue to grow in our faith, our love, and our service to God.


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